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If you are looking for a low cost consolidation loan to help clear all your existing credit. Loans4 can help you clear all your existing loans, credit cards, store cards, car finance, and even your overdraft, into one low rate consolidation loan. Loans are available to both home owners and tenants.

Loan plans are available to you even if you have had bad credit in the past, so those with a poor credit rating we can select the loans which are available to you. We offer low rate secured home loans, cheap loans and unsecured loans are also available to those with a good credit profile. Use our loan qualifier below to find out which loan you qualify for.

Use the buttons below to work out how much you can afford to borrow, and apply online for a fast decision.
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We offer low rate and cheap loans to home owners, so if you are a homeowner and are looking to clear your credit or consolidate your debts, we can help sort out your finances. Non-standard proof of income loan plans are also available meaning loans for self employed people with no accounts needed.

If you are looking for a consolidation loan to clear all your credit, or a loan for doing some home improvements, a new car, or for mostly any other purchase, we can help.

Latest News
Full CMA competition recommends a full review of UK banking sector

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has announced a recommendation that a full competition inquiry into banks in the UK is required, a review which will include current accounts and business lending.
Alex Chisholm, the CMA chief executive, says it is vital that the banking sector operates properly as it should do in order best value for consumers is achieved,
As such a full eighteen month investigation is being proposed, with the process starting with a consultation, and the CMA will take a final decision in the autumn, if or not to continue with a full-scale more in-depth review.
Main areas of concern are:

The number of consumers shopping around and switching between banks remained low - just 3% a year for personal accounts.

Many customers see little difference between the largest banks in terms of the range of services they offer.

Current account overdraft charges were found to be very complex, making it harder for bank customers to choose the cheapest or most appropriate accounts.
'Free' banking may be distorting competition.

It is still difficult for newer and smaller 'challenger' banks to get into the industry and become rivals to the 'big 5', particularly in areas outside of England where rules are different, such as Scotland and Northern Ireland.

In theory, depending on the outcome of the review, the CMA could order a break-up of UK's biggest banks. The big four being - Barclays, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds - who currently have a 77% share of the current account market.

Both RBS - which is divesting itself of Williams and Glyn- and Lloyds, which has already split off its TSB part of the business, are already smaller than they were.

It is likely a forced break up would not be proposed by the CMA, but probably an approach where it is suggested banking organisations come up with solutions for the areas of concern, and if not, then the CMA may step in using its powers to change the way the sector operates.
The CMA also is wanting to focus on "behavioural" changes, which is the ethos that fundamentally underpins the organisation and influences the way staff at all levels think and operate, and what kind of attitude towards customers they have.
21st July 2014 more ....

More news this week ...

Government announces Libor bank fines are to fund military veteran homes - Almost 20m raised by fining the banking industry will partly fund specialist accommodation for military veterans, the prime minister David Cameron has - 18th July 2014 more ....

Bank of England keeps base rate on hold for another month - The monthly interest rate review by the Bank's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) votes to keep the rate on hold. However the pace - 14th July 2014 more ....

FSA say many savers are getting low interest as need to shop around for the best rates and providers - The financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, has said that the UK's largest banks still attract a large proportion of the - 9th July 2014 more ....

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