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If you are looking for a low cost consolidation loan to help clear all your existing credit. Loans4 can help you clear all your existing loans, credit cards, store cards, car finance, and even your overdraft, into one low rate consolidation loan. Loans are available to both home owners and tenants.

Loan plans are available to you even if you have had bad credit in the past, so those with a poor credit rating we can select the loans which are available to you. We offer low rate secured home loans, cheap loans and unsecured loans are also available to those with a good credit profile. Use our loan qualifier below to find out which loan you qualify for.

Use the buttons below to work out how much you can afford to borrow, and apply online for a fast decision.
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We offer low rate and cheap loans to home owners, so if you are a homeowner and are looking to clear your credit or consolidate your debts, we can help sort out your finances. Non-standard proof of income loan plans are also available meaning loans for self employed people with no accounts needed.

If you are looking for a consolidation loan to clear all your credit, or a loan for doing some home improvements, a new car, or for mostly any other purchase, we can help.

Latest News
Government recovers 1.36bn of money used to bail out Icelandic bank savers

The Government has now recovered 85% of the money used to bail out hundreds of thousands of British consumers who risked seeing their savings wiped out when Icesave collapsed.
The Treasury announced on yesterday that it had recovered another 1.36bn from the estate of Landsbanki, which went bust in 2008.
At the time, the Icelandic government refused to compensate the 230,000 Britons with money held in Icesave, the UK arm of Landsbanki. Alistair Darling was forced to step in with 4.5bn of public funds to make up for the shortfall, and to avoid a run on other banks.
The 1.36bn payment, the latest of five made in the last two years, means the Government has now reclaimed 3.82bn from the Landsbanki estate.
British savers were enticed by market-beating interest rates from Icesave, which offered an online-only savings account.

However, the bank perilously over-extended itself. Before Lehman Brothers collapsed, triggering the 2008 financial crisis, Iceland's banking assets were 10 times bigger than the country's GDP.
When the Icelandic government refused to compensate Icesave customers in the UK and Holland, the respective countries' governments stepped in.
The dispute severely hampered tensions between the UK and Iceland, with the British government even resorting to anti-terror legislation to seize assets.
A European court found last year that the Icelandic government was not liable to pay compensation to foreign savers.
However, Landsbanki's administrators have confirmed that the collapsed bank has enough assets to be able to repay the Government. The Treasury said it expected to have recovered the remaining money by 2017.
19th December 2014 more ....

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Government to cap workplace pension scheme fees - The study of management fees has found that many savers in workplace pension schemes face charges of more than 3% a year. The - 17th December 2014 more ....

Fee-free basic bank accounts to be offered by most high street banks - A new fee-free template for basic UK bank accounts has been revealed by the Treasury after a deal with major banks. Basic accounts - 15th December 2014 more ....

Lloyds Banking Group looks to revive the Bank of Wales name - Lloyds Banking Group is aiming to bring back the Bank of Wales name, in the hope that the 42-year-old brand will help - 15th December 2014 more ....

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