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Conservative budget cuts to hit all families, warns PM

Conservative budget cuts to hit all families, warns PM
3rd May 2010

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has warned that the budget cuts that will be put into place if the Conservative party wins the up and coming general election will hit all families. Mr Brown said that all families would find it difficult to avoid the budget cuts that the Tories would put into place.
The Prime Minister outlined a number of cuts that would affect average families if the Tory Party won the election, stating that these would form part of the Conservative party's emergency budget. This included the axing of tax credits, the cutting of school and police budgets, and a reduction in the help available for students and the unemployed.
The Prime Minister was making his speech in Sunderland, and claimed that pretty soon there would be no families left that had not been targeted by the Tory party budget cuts. He said that within weeks of getting into power the Tory Party would inflict damage through a series of budget cuts that would adversely affect average families.
As the election draws ever closer Mr Brown has been doing all that he can to persuade potential voters that a Conservative or Liberal Democrat government would put the already fragile economy at risk, and that only Labour could make the necessary decisions and take the measures needed to ensure that the economy did not fall back into recession having only recently emerged from the deepest recession seen in many decades.
He added that it was the economy that would be at stake on the May 6th elections, telling listeners that it was their future so vote for it. The Prime Minister also took the time to highlight the plans of the Labour party if it was to stay in power after the general election.
In the meantime the Conservative party has accused Labour of trying to make consumers fearful about its plans if it wins the general election, and has been taking time to remind consumers of its plans with regards to helping poor and vulnerable members of society.

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Tax dodgers and criminal accounts being investigates at HSBC - 10th November 2012
China economy expected to be the biggest in the world by 2017 - 10th November 2012
No changes following MPC meeting - 8th November 2012
Increase seen in cash back credit cards - 8th November 2012
Banks still rationing mortgages despite new scheme - 7th November 2012
Average household savings would last one week in an emergency - 6th November 2012
GDP increase boost confidence is small and medium sized businesses - 5th November 2012
Concerns arise over basic bank accounts - 2nd November 2012
CBI says UK's economic recovery likely to be slow - 1st November 2012

A fifth of UK workers paid inadequate wage for basic living standards - 31st October 2012
Payments council expresses concern over cash access for elderly - 30th October 2012
Tougher rules on mortgage lending will come later than anticipated - 29th October 2012
Santander UK profits fall from £511m to £372m - 28th October 2012
9 more banks accused of Libor rate fixing - 27th October 2012
UK emerged from recession in third quarter - 26th October 2012
The ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ expects interest to be paid - 25th October 2012
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Mortgage errors cost Bank of Scotland over £4 million - 23rd October 2012
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Base rate kept on hold - 6th September 2012
Government presses ahead with clampdown on excessive card fees - 6th September 2012
Long-term food price rise warning from Oxfam - 5th September 2012
Sharp increase seen in number of bank complaints - 4th September 2012
Government making progress in banning of excessive Debit/Credit card - 3rd September 2012

Rise in mortgage approvals for July - 30th August 2012
Mortgage payments become more affordable - 29th August 2012
UK recession less severe than thought - 28th August 2012
Santander increases its standard variable mortgage rate - 27th August 2012
Job cuts at Aviva linked to exposure in the eurozone - 26th August 2012
Consumer group questions 'free' banking - 24th August 2012
Credit card firms targeting the unemployed - 23rd August 2012
House prices fall due to Olympics distraction - 22nd August 2012
Drop in UK unemployment figures - 21st August 2012
Property rental prices increase to new high - 20th August 2012
HSBC pulls its 2.99% 5-year fixed mortgage product - 19th August 2012
A tenth of workers do not have a retirement plan or provisions - 17th August 2012
New Barclay’s chairman agrees with fee based current accounts in principle - 17th August 2012
Outgoings leave many households struggling financially - 16th August 2012
Fall in inflation slows down - 15th August 2012
18 month low for repossessions in the UK - 14th August 2012
New Barclays chairman speaks of changes at the bank - 13th August 2012
House repossessions at lowest level since 2010 - 12th August 2012
Fraudster payday loan firm shut down by the OFT - 11th August 2012
Landlords investing more money into property - 10th August 2012
Mortgage market to be shaken up by low rate deals - 9th August 2012
Online shoppers’ delivery charges quantified - 8th August 2012
HMRC's attempts to pass the buck under proposed new changes - 7th August 2012
Slight increase in company insolvencies in England and Wales - 6th August 2012
Tesco set to enter mortgage market - 5th August 2012
London businesses losing money during Olympics - 3rd August 2012
Interest rates kept on hold for August - 2nd August 2012
ATM shortages causing chaos at Olympics - 1st August 2012

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New rules to be brought in for packaged bank accounts - 30th July 2012
Nationwide and NatWest rectify account double direct debit issue - 29th July 2012
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Women suffering greater financial challenges than men - 17th July 2012
Banks to be checked over current accounts - 16th July 2012
Increase in the number of UK town and cities affordable to first-time buyers - 14th July 2012
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£10,000 increase in amount required to live a ‘decent life’ - 12th July 2012
Building societies facing influx of unfounded PPI claims - 11th July 2012
Card charges to be added to headline price by airlines - 10th July 2012
Many children to be affected by state of family finances - 9th July 2012
French government want to tax non resident 2nd homeowners - 8th July 2012
HBOS to boost funds to compensate Christmas hamper customers - 7th July 2012
Number of tenants with serious rent arrears rises sharply - 6th July 2012
Base Rate remains on hold and QE gets a boost - 5th July 2012
Barclays boss Bob Diamond's resignation - 4th July 2012
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King wants banks to change culture - 2nd July 2012
Head of RBS confirms he will not be taking he bonus payment again this year - 1st July 2012

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Low deposit mortgage deals on the rise - 22nd June 2012
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Lloyds overdraft fee increases - 20th June 2012
Older people and carers warned about targeted retail and investment scams - 19th June 2012
Rental generation is on the rise - 18th June 2012
Income fall for households biggest in three decades - 18th June 2012
Fall in mortgage lending - 18th June 2012
Controversy over banks using PPI compensation to pay down consumer debt - 14th June 2012
New high for current account fraud - 13th June 2012
Savers suffer due to frozen interest rates - 12th June 2012
A fifth of pensioners at risk of poverty - 11th June 2012
In-store banking launched by M&S - 8th June 2012
UK interest rates remain on hold - 7th June 2012
Limits increased on contactless payment cards - 6th June 2012
Concerns over the effect to the economy caused by delay in 4G mobile broadband - 5th June 2012
Visa only cash machines at Wembley football stadium - 4th June 2012
Consumers become more cautious over credit card spending - 1st June 2012

Government wants action on petrol prices - 31st May 2012
Travel insurance excess woes for holidaymakers - 30th May 2012
Outlook getting better for hard pressed UK families - 29th May 2012
Payday lenders agree to new commitments to help debtors - 29th May 2012
Catalogue related debt causing problems - 28th May 2012
Private tenants being stung by a variety of fees - 25th May 2012
Debt trap for consumers taking out payday loans - 24th May 2012
Many still failing to save enough for pension - 23rd May 2012
Figures show private rents on the rise again - 22nd May 2012
Unemployment figures down in the UK - 21st May 2012
Northern Rock bail out likely to cost taxpayer £2 billion - 19th May 2012
Government cuts spending on fuel poverty - 18th May 2012
Baby plans being put on hold by hopeful parents - 17th May 2012
Payday lenders accused of failing on checks - 16th May 2012
Higher energy bill warning from Centrica - 15th May 2012
Millions to get tax rebates over coming weeks - 14th May 2012
Home sellers sticking to asking prices - 11th May 2012
UK interest rates kept on hold - 10th May 2012
Mis-selling leads to huge fine for SSE - 9th May 2012
Increase in company insolvencies but total lower compared to 2011 - 8th May 2012
Bank of England pressed to boost money supply further - 7th May 2012
Mortgage approvals down on long term average - 4th May 2012
SVR increases set to lead to rising payments for a million mortgage holders - 3rd May 2012
Travel costs eating into household income - 2nd May 2012
Banks admit denying customers rights to cancel recurring payments - 1st May 2012

Property sales see spring bounce - 30th April 2012
Energy firms fail to keep promise of helping vulnerable consumers - 27th April 2012
Potential employers taking greater interest in applicants' finances - 26th April 2012
Abandoned calls lead to fine for Homeserve - 25th April 2012
Average private rents fall back in March - 24th April 2012
Increase seen in fraudulent mortgage applications - 23rd April 2012
7 main high street mortgage lenders increase rates for new borrowers - 22nd April 2012
UK unemployment falls for the first time since last spring - 20th April 2012
Consumers continue to lose confidence in energy firms - 19th April 2012
Economy to stall for rest of this year - 18th April 2012
CAB to provide first line of consumer protection - 17th April 2012
Many 'interest only' borrowers will retire with mortgage debt - 16th April 2012
Seven out of ten people on the wrong energy deal - 13th April 2012
Scrapping bank holidays would boost UK’s annual output by £19 billion - 12th April 2012
15% increase in retail administrations - 11th April 2012
Reduction in number of mortgage deals available - 10th April 2012
Older people could find it easier to get car insurance cover - 10th April 2012
Estimated £2.3billion cost to the UK economy for each bank holiday - 9th April 2012
UK economy shows strong growth in March - 6th April 2012
Interest rates remain on hold - 5th April 2012
March house price increase attributed to first time buyers - 5th April 2012
Nearly half of all retirees affected by debt - 4th April 2012
Drop in number of uninsured young drivers - 3rd April 2012
FSA reveals financial complaints up by 21% - 2nd April 2012
Welcome finance and Cattles ex-directors fined by the regulator - 1st April 2012

Government backing for Mary ‘Queen of shops’ recommendations - 31st March 2012
Fraud costs Britain billions of pounds a year - 30th March 2012
Costly debt firms given warning from OFT - 29th March 2012
Mortgage lending levels higher than last year - 28th March 2012
BBA states cautious consumers continue to pay off debt - 27th March 2012
Record high for petrol prices - 26th March 2012
Over a million more people to become higher rate tax payers - 24th March 2012
The Budget - What it means for you - 23rd March 2012
Financial squeeze still being felt by households - 22nd March 2012
Cardholders should take action over card rate increases - 21st March 2012
Inflation on private rents slowed down last month - 20th March 2012
Energy firm loses appeal over misleading sales practices - 19th March 2012
Pressure increases for firms to stop rip off card fees - 16th March 2012
Debt charity sees huge increase in calls relating to cost of heating the home - 15th March 2012
Hopes that market recovery will be driven by NewBuy - 14th March 2012
SVR mortgage rate to be increased by the Bank of Ireland - 13th March 2012
Loan broker faces being put out of business - 12th March 2012
EDF hit with record penalty over misleading claims - 9th March 2012
No change in base interest rate - 8th March 2012
Pensioners see travel insurance costs big increase - 7th March 2012
Parents facing increased financial strain - 6th March 2012
Record high for petrol prices - 5th March 2012
Northern Rock ‘Bad Bank’ making good progress - 3rd March 2012
Bank overdraft interest being charged at forty times the base rate - 2nd March 2012
Drop in number of people with company pension - 1st March 2012

Brits continuing to stash the cash at home - 29th February 2012
More older people working unpaid overtime - 28th February 2012
Payday lender apologises over threatening letters - 27th February 2012
Car insurance customers covering £2.4 million a day in claims - 24th February 2012
Low income families unable to warm homes adequately due to prices - 23rd February 2012
Home ownership falls to lowest levels in more than two decades - 22nd February 2012
Banks told to improve service or face shakeup - 21st February 2012
Cost of renting rises in January - 20th February 2012
All time high for cost of diesel - 18th February 2012
Drop in inflation brings good news for savers - 17th February 2012
Banks crack down on interest only mortgages - 16th February 2012
Mortgages to first time buyers increase as end of stamp duty holiday looms - 15th February 2012
Many pensioners missing out on cold weather payments - 14th February 2012
First time buyers told not to rush deals to benefit from stamp duty break - 13th February 2012
£50 billion from QE unlikely to help small businesses - 10th February 2012
Rates on hold and more cash to be pumped into economy - 9th February 2012
Hackers target Internet bankers - 8th February 2012
Last year saw drop in personal insolvencies - 7th February 2012
Tax fines faced by more than one million people - 6th February 2012
Sale and rent back sector almost closed down - 4th February 2012
Research reveals UK's top burglary insurance claim hotspots - 3rd February 2012
Official figures reveal drop in house prices - 2nd February 2012
Claimants paying large chunk of PPI to no-win no-fee firms - 1st February 2012

Credit texts could lead to hefty fines - 31st January 2012
Bank decision proves a disappointment for charities - 30th January 2012
Bank of Mum and Dad getting tougher - 27th January 2012
Increase in mortgage fees over the past year - 26th January 2012
Shopping around becomes more difficult as car insurance quotes rise by £50 - 25th January 2012
Many adults planning to cut back on spending - 24th January 2012
Further surge seen in PPI complaints - 23rd January 2012
China investing in UK’s biggest water and sewerage firm - 21st January 2012
Second consecutive fall in rental costs - 20th January 2012
December sees drop in UK inflation - 19th January 2012
Consumers should consider switching even with energy price cuts - 18th January 2012
Boost to economy to come from PPI payouts - 17th January 2012
Drivers in North pay more for their vehicle insurance - 16th January 2012
Cash Converters Loans Company targets more than 40 new stores to open in the UK for 2012 - 16th January 2012
Energy consumers to see their bills fall - 13th January 2012
Bank of England holds base rate at record low - 12th January 2012
2011 saw fraud levels increase - 11th January 2012
Surge in buy-to-let investors results from squeeze on mortgages - 10th January 2012
Personal and financial data of customers lost by lenders - 9th January 2012
Getting a mortgage could become increasingly difficult - 6th January 2012
Insurance cost increases to stem from bad weather - 6th January 2012
Consumers continued to spend in run up to Christmas - 5th January 2012
Decline in Brits saving for retirement - 5th January 2012
Sorting out finances a top resolution for this year - 4th January 2012
Stagnant house prices expected in 2012 - 3rd January 2012
Concerns over debt arising from sales - 3rd January 2012
Rail commuters facing hefty fare increases - 3rd January 2012

Charity calls for action over 'rent to own' lenders - 31st December 2011
More than £1 billion in PPI payouts in 2011 - 30th December 2011
More money withdrawn from cash points in the run up to Christmas - 29th December 2011
Consumers can make money from unwanted gifts - 29th December 2011
Controversial card charges to be banned next year - 28th December 2011
Annual high for property sales in November - 24th December 2011
Christmas celebrations to cost more this year - 23rd December 2011
First time buyers stuck when it comes to affordability - 22nd December 2011
Multimillion pound fine for insurance firm - 21st December 2011
Accident numbers fall but premiums increase - 20th December 2011
First fall in ten months for rental costs - 19th December 2011
Many skiers fail to take out adequate insurance cover - 14th December 2011
One third of Brits set to go into Christmas debt - 13th December 2011
Longer working hours for most Brits compared to other European workers - 12th December 2011
Shop price inflation reduces for November due to supermarket discounts - 12th December 2011
Bank rate kept on hold - 10th December 2011
How much will Christmas cost you this year? - 7th December 2011
Report highlights pitfalls of payday loans - 6th December 2011
Groupon investigation launched by OFT - 5th December 2011
Complicated tariff information deters consumers from switching energy providers - 2nd December 2011
Stamp duty concession for first time buyers to end - 1st December 2011

Nearly a third of people relying on the lottery to improve their financial situations - 30th November 2011
British Gas says energy bills to continue rising - 29th November 2011
Action taken over upfront fee charging brokers - 28th November 2011
Tenants getting ripped off by some lettings agents - 25th November 2011
Police shut down fake shopping websites - 24th November 2011
Asking price reduction reaches highest level in two years - 23rd November 2011
Further rise in cost of renting - 22nd November 2011
Mobile phone firms must to more to help consumers to avoid bill shock - 21st November 2011
Virgin Money buys Northern Rock - 18th November 2011
Mortgage borrowers set to be compensated by High Street bank - 17th November 2011
National Audit Office releases report into online tax returns - 16th November 2011
Military personnel being targeted by legal loan sharks - 15th November 2011
Tax office to make millions from PPI compensation - 14th November 2011
Many hoping that lottery win will come to their financial rescue - 11th November 2011
Bank holds interest rates again - 10th November 2011
Many homeowners fail to cash in by remortgaging - 9th November 2011
October sees revival in housing market activity - 8th November 2011
Slight fall in personal insolvencies - 7th November 2011
Post Office will no longer sell NS&I accounts - 4th November 2011
Financial firms warned over new style PPI - 3rd November 2011
Four year high for property demand in UK - 2nd November 2011
Providers launch Junior ISAs for first time - 1st November 2011

Elderly being warned about mobility aid scam - 30th September 2011
Mortgage approvals highest since December 2009 - 29th September 2011
Households worse off by £60 per month - 28th September 2011
Most Brits do not have adequate life insurance - 27th September 2011
Consumers keen to repay debts - 26th September 2011
Ofcom report looks at communications complaints - 23rd September 2011
Housing prices expected to fall a further 4% before market stabilising in 2012 - 22nd September 2011
Gross mortgage lending 10% higher than same time last year - 22nd September 2011
Another super-complaint launched by campaign group - 21st September 2011
Energy customers need to consider switching for more competitive deals - 20th September 2011
OFT moves on to investigate dentist charges and treatment - 19th September 2011
Rents rising at fastest pace in twelve months - 16th September 2011
Young drivers spending thousands to get on the road - 15th September 2011
Ofcom takes action to protect phone and broadband customers - 14th September 2011
Leading travel company could be breaking the law - 13th September 2011
Many broadband users spending unnecessarily on mobiles - 12th September 2011
Mortgage approvals at fifteen month high in August - 9th September 2011
Base rate held again at 0.5% - 8th September 2011
Teens seek help from debt charities - 7th September 2011
Landlords get better returns by renting to students - 6th September 2011
Backlog of PPI complaints clearing - 5th September 2011
US files lawsuits against banks, including top UK ones - 3rd September 2011
Coupons and vouchers become a national obsession - 2nd September 2011
Slight drop in workless households - 1st September 2011

Banks to tell customers to cut back on spending when rates increase - 31st August 2011
Housing action needed for economic recovery - 30th August 2011
Further Quantitative Easing may be required - 29th August 2011
Brits failing to make savings on mobile phones - 26th August 2011
OFT confirms complaints increasing over scam fees on loans - 25th August 2011
Bank customers’ ATM access restricted - 25th August 2011
Banks say Merlin deal is not a good idea going forward - 24th August 2011
BRC reports on level of empty shops - 23rd August 2011
Strong demand sees rental prices continue to rise - 22nd August 2011
RBS to withdraw ATM access for free basic account customers - 20th August 2011
Kids see pocket money rise despite economic climate - 19th August 2011
More high earners become reliant on overdrafts - 18th August 2011
Customers of EDF energy overcharged - 17th August 2011
Energy bills heightened by ghost customers - 16th August 2011
Doorstep sales to be ended for three months by British Gas - 15th August 2011
Repossessions and arrears hold steady thanks to low base rate - 13th August 2011
Insurers could claim riot payouts from police - 11th August 2011
Future of cheques still in jeopardy - 10th August 2011
Three quarters of workers have pay frozen - 9th August 2011
Grown up kids costing parents a fortune - 8th August 2011
Bankruptcies stabilise due to low base rate - 5th August 2011
Bank of England base rate on hold for another month - 4th August 2011
New PPI complaint numbers surge - 3rd August 2011
HMRC apologises for poor performance - 2nd August 2011
Fraud increases in first half of this year - 1st August 2011

Stabilising House prices brings more certainty to the housing market - 30th July 2011
Good news on car insurance costs for younger drivers - 29th July 2011
Energy giant fined £2.5 million by regulator - 28th July 2011
Shocking figures released over sickness benefits claimants - 27th July 2011
Holidaymakers throwing away millions on credit card fees - 26th July 2011
Low rates on children's savings putting parents off - 25th July 2011
UK Base rate unlikely to rise any time soon and may stay at 0.5% for another year - 23rd July 2011
Consumers cut back on spending as inflation woes continue - 22nd July 2011
Consumer Focus criticises personal pension advice - 21st July 2011
Sellers cut property asking prices for first time this year - 20th July 2011
A third of property purchases fall through - 19th July 2011
Websites selling official services to be probed by OFT - 18th July 2011
Positive news as all of UK banks pass the new bank stress test - 17th July 2011
Lettings agents confirm rents still on the rise - 15th July 2011
Cheques to be kept in use as long as consumers need them - 14th July 2011
Energy customers could be better off with a fixed deal - 13th July 2011
Doorstep sales suspended by SSE - 12th July 2011
Brits given little incentive to save - 11th July 2011
House prices increase in June - 10th July 2011
Many Brits struggling to sell their holiday homes - 8th July 2011
No change in the base rate - 7th July 2011
Availability of mortgages on the rise - 6th July 2011
MPs angry over lack of warning about cheque guarantee cards - 5th July 2011
Pensioners' incomes not adequate for comfortable retirement - 4th July 2011
Mobile roaming call charges set to become much fairer - 3rd July 2011
More letters to be sent out by HMRC - 1st July 2011

Ban on hidden card charges by travel firms - 30th June 2011
Consumers getting financial advice from friends and family - 29th June 2011
Fake website fears erupt ahead of 2012 games - 28th June 2011
Britain's largest house builders and lenders come together for a new £500 million pound loan scheme to help first-time buyers to help kick start the property market - 27th June 2011
Many switching to fixed price energy plans - 27th June 2011
Standard variable rate mortgages (SRV’s) under the spotlight - 25th June 2011
Scottish Energy to be probed by Ofgem - 24th June 2011
Property prices likely to increase - 23rd June 2011
More restrictions brought in on car insurance - 22nd June 2011
Rents continued increase in May due to gazumping - 21st June 2011
New credit report could hold huge benefits for consumers - 20th June 2011
Uk ‘Pay-by-phone’ banking takes a big step forward - 19th June 2011
Virgin Money confirms bid preparation for Northern Rock - 18th June 2011
HSBC gets more time for PPI complaints - 17th June 2011
Consumers more optimistic about house prices - 16th June 2011
RICS reports property rents to continue rising - 15th June 2011
Sandwich generation on the rise in Britain - 14th June 2011
Barclay's makes decision over PPI - 13th June 2011
Drop in fixed mortgage rates ahead of possible rate increase - 10th June 2011
Base rate remains static at 0.5% - 9th June 2011
Consumers can earn money through recycling old gadgets - 8th June 2011
Experts warn that bankruptcy costs are rising - 7th June 2011
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports no changes are needed to UK economic policy - 6th June 2011
Long term fixed rates not always the best option - 6th June 2011
Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts 4 year recovery in house prices - 4th June 2011
Boiler scrappage scheme relaunched by British Gas - 3rd June 2011
People still failing to save for their retirement - 2nd June 2011
Unscrupulous credit brokers stopped from charging upfront loan application fees - 1st June 2011
Older travellers should soon be able to get cheaper travel insurance - 1st June 2011

Coastal towns see impressive property price increases - 31st May 2011
Great jobs boost for Scotland with on-line retailers expansion - 31st May 2011
Investigation highlights debt firms' dodgy tactics - 30th May 2011
House prises rise slightly in May by 0.3% - 30th May 2011
Compensation to be paid out to Bank of Scotland customers - 27th May 2011
No hurry for interest rates to be increased - 26th May 2011
Banks need to increase lending to small businesses - 25th May 2011
Warning issued over PPI claims management companies - 24th May 2011
Record high for rents in England and Wales - 23rd May 2011
More and more couple sharing rented accommodation - 22nd May 2011
Banks to be more strictly regulated - 20th May 2011
Car insurance Whiplash Claims costing UK car drivers up to £2 Billion a year - 19th May 2011
EU looks at air passenger rights - 18th May 2011
Winter could see many turning off the heating - 17th May 2011
Interest rate uncertainty leads to homeowners remortgaging - 16th May 2011
Energy firm misled doorstep customers - 13th May 2011
Growing number of couples do not have a joint bank account - 12th May 2011
PPI fight victory for campaigners and watchdogs - 11th May 2011
Potential home buyers increase thanks to warm weather - 10th May 2011
Charities could be dealt a blow by abolition of cheques - 9th May 2011
Personal insolvencies fall but total remains high - 7th May 2011
Brits fail to protect their loved ones with life insurance cover - 6th May 2011
UK base rate remains on hold - 5th May 2011
Couples should avoid overspending on wedding - 4th May 2011
More companies having to pay out compensation - 3rd May 2011
Low morale of consumers is affecting the high street spending - 2nd May 2011
Interest Rates unlikely to rise for a few months - 2nd May 2011

New rules come into force for energy suppliers - 29th April 2011
Consumers reminded to be mindful about payments over bank holiday - 28th April 2011
Huge mobile bills could hit holidaymakers - 27th April 2011
Buying a home is cheaper than renting one - 26th April 2011
Buy-to-Let house market back on the up - 25th April 2011
Pay-how-you-drive policies look like the future for young drivers - 24th April 2011
Northern Rock heading for takeover - 23rd April 2011
Ofcom reveals TalkTalk as the highest internet service provider which people complain about - 22nd April 2011
Slight increase in property asking prices - 22nd April 2011
PPI challenge lost by banks - 21st April 2011
MPs to examine the phasing out of cheques - 20th April 2011
Online clothing sales are soaring - 19th April 2011
OFT closes down four debt firms - 18th April 2011
Pensioners finding it hard to cope with cost of living increases - 15th April 2011
OFT to look into extended warranties - 14th April 2011
Many still overpaying by hundreds of pounds on mobile phones - 13th April 2011
HMRC named as worst when it comes to incorrect bills - 12th April 2011
Doctors under pressure over prescriptions - 11th April 2011
Penalties increased for late tax returns - 8th April 2011
Bank of England base rate remains on hold - 7th April 2011
Don't miss out on energy savings - 6th April 2011
Most people keen to work beyond 65 - 5th April 2011
Competition not strong enough amongst UK's retail banks - 4th April 2011
Some waiting up to two years for FOS verdict - 2nd April 2011

Rise in mortgage and credit card borrowing - 31st March 2011
Men like being romantic...and thrifty - 30th March 2011
Tesco changes cap on PriceCheck - 29th March 2011
Consumers need to be wary about Olympic Games ticket touts - 28th March 2011
Savers not impressed with chancellor - 25th March 2011
'Shot in the arm' for property market announced by chancellor - 24th March 2011
People selling mobiles with personal details still on them - 23rd March 2011
All time high reached for estate agent complaints - 22nd March 2011
Government may freeze fuel duty - 21st March 2011
Competition rife amongst credit card providers - 20th March 2011
Fixing your mortgage may not be worthwhile yet - 17th March 2011
Ofcom mobile cuts to come into force from April - 16th March 2011
Many have tax debt cancelled - 15th March 2011
Good news for households over council tax - 14th March 2011
Broadband access becomes major selling point in property market - 11th March 2011
Still no change in base interest rate - 10th March 2011
Property sales and enquiries stabilise - 9th March 2011
Many fail to protect themselves against card fraud - 8th March 2011
MPs vote to have financial education in schools - 7th March 2011
Pay less to buy a home than to rent one - 4th March 2011
Supermarket prices increase faster than inflation - 3rd March 2011
Cost of insurance cover could increase for women - 2nd March 2011
Some investors being ripped off by financial advisors - 1st March 2011

Many mobile phone customers angry over early VAT increase - 31st January 2011
Patience with lenders comes to an end - 28th January 2011
Energy customers need to claim their refunds - 27th January 2011
More people paying for day to day banking - 26th January 2011
Lettings agents confirm further increase in rent arrears - 25th January 2011
Plan to cut benefit errors not working - 24th January 2011
Financial advisors to be accredited by 2013 - 21st January 2011
Barclay’s fined millions over investments - 20th January 2011
Rising inflation will put pressure on Bank of England to increase rates - 19th January 2011
Stressful jobs leave parents distanced from kids - 18th January 2011
Many homes are not insured adequately - 17th January 2011
Government confirms Default Retirement Age to end - 14th January 2011
No change to interest base rate - 14th January 2011
Poor complaint handling lands banks with hefty fine - 12th January 2011
Bad weather results in increased insurance claims from drivers - 11th January 2011
Many people prefer to save at home - 10th January 2011
Personal loan rates fall to lowest level in two years - 10th January 2011
Many cardholders may have been charged twice on New Year's Eve - 7th January 2011
Remortgaging loans picked up at end of last year - 6th January 2011
Annual household costs to increase by £158 next year - 5th January 2011
Older people at increased risk of becoming fraud victims - 4th January 2011
Milliband slates VAT hike - 4th January 2011

Lower than expected consumer confidence seen in September - 30th September 2010
Savers urged to start spending - 29th September 2010
People in debt being exploited by some debt management firms - 28th September 2010
Council tax bands will not be reviewed for five years - 27th September 2010
Tax avoidance becoming government high priority - 26th September 2010
Investors back to investing in the stock market - 25th September 2010
Recovery in UK could be slower than anticipated - 23rd September 2010
Many people unable to live without their overdraft facilities - 22nd September 2010
Report warns many kids won't inherit wealth from parents - 21st September 2010
Average rents in UK soar - 20th September 2010
Price fixing on hotel rooms online to be investigated - 17th September 2010
Jobless claims spark fears over recovery - 16th September 2010
Surveyors predicting house prices will not rise before the end of the year - 15th September 2010
Britain's economic recovery to be hit by public spending cuts - 14th September 2010
Survey shows consumer thoughts on tax system - 13th September 2010
Bank overdraft rates have soared - 11th September 2010
Bank of England keeps base rate at 0.5 percent - 9th September 2010
Over one million Brits urged to revolt against tax demands - 8th September 2010
Increased mortgage availability for those with lower deposits - 7th September 2010
Personal details of football fans stolen and sold - 6th September 2010
Energy firms face investigation over mis-selling - 3rd September 2010
Banks have to reveal scale of customer complaints - 2nd September 2010
Warning over negative equity problems over coming years - 1st September 2010

Apology made by Santander boss over poor service levels - 31st August 2010
First time buyer numbers have fallen sharply - 30th August 2010
Warning over penalties over missed and late credit card payments - 30th August 2010
Consumers want to see an end to sales cold calls - 27th August 2010
Warning over penalties over missed and late credit card payments - 26th August 2010
Poorest said to be hardest hit by budget - 25th August 2010
Base rate likely to increase over next two years - 24th August 2010
August sees increased pressure on household finances - 23rd August 2010
Many spend a fortune on going to work - 20th August 2010
Rest of year to see slow mortgage market - 19th August 2010
Slight fall for inflation in the UK - 18th August 2010
House prices drop due to summer holidays - 17th August 2010
More people taking out payday loans - 16th August 2010
Fall in home repossessions in second quarter - 13th August 2010
Double dip fear sparked by house price falls - 12th August 2010
Credit reference agencies could help to catch benefit thieves - 11th August 2010
Warnings over soaring cost of petrol - 10th August 2010
Personal insolvencies drop in England and Wales - 9th August 2010
Outcome of case could see more customers suing utility companies - 6th August 2010
Base rate stays at record low for eighteenth month - 5th August 2010
Rationing by lenders continues - 4th August 2010
Warning for banks over business lending - 3rd August 2010
Government cuts child trust fund payments - 2nd August 2010

Ombudsman wants lettings agents to be regulated - 31st March 2010
Homebuyer mortgages fall for third consecutive month - 30th March 2010
Investment financial advisors will no longer receive commission - 29th March 2010
Darling announces staggered petrol duty hike - 26th March 2010
Another stamp duty holiday announced in budget - 25th March 2010
Bank accounts to be made available for all as part of budget - 24th March 2010
Age Concern highlights discrimination by insurance industry - 23rd March 2010
First time buyers still need to find substantial deposit - 22nd March 2010
Mortgage lending activity to be unstable over coming months - 19th March 2010
OFT calls for customers to opt out of overdrafts - 18th March 2010
More protection in place for UK credit card users - 17th March 2010
Millions of pounds in refunds still with taxman - 16th March 2010
Online shoppers warned about clicking on links - 15th March 2010
Repossessions could increase due to rate increases and property price falls - 12th March 2010
FSA issues warning on packaged bank accounts - 11th March 2010
Savers being penalised through rock bottom base rate - 10th March 2010
Failure to return faulty goods costing Brits a fortune - 9th March 2010
Home ownership numbers set to fall - 8th March 2010
Acceleration of new car sales in February - 5th March 2010
Base rate stays on hold for twelfth month - 4th March 2010
Contactless credit cards can be used to make higher value purchases - 3rd March 2010
Hundreds of thousands working weekly overtime for no pay - 2nd March 2010
UK claims management company under investigation - 1st March 2010

Motorists will pay for the government's debts - 31st December 2009
Government addresses repossession related loophole - 30th December 2009
High Street enjoys huge success on Boxing Day - 29th December 2009
Some retailers will not add VAT rise at start of January - 28th December 2009
Sales may not be as good this year - 26th December 2009
Companies fined nearly £35 million by FSA in 2009 - 24th December 2009
OFT drops bank charge investigation - 23rd December 2009
Retail spending online to treble over next decade - 22nd December 2009
First time buyers drop to lowest level in a year - 21st December 2009
Tens of thousands of customers trying to leave Halifax - 18th December 2009
Charities concerned over property repossessions - 17th December 2009
Shops cut prices to four year low - 16th December 2009
Petrol price war started by supermarkets - 15th December 2009
Increase in pocket money this year - 14th December 2009
Concerns over how much each household will pay to rebuild public finances - 11th December 2009
UK Base rate still on hold at 0.5 percent - 10th December 2009
Cash being stashed under mattresses by Brits - 9th December 2009
Warning to lenders over misleading customers - 8th December 2009
Banks to be urged to increase £5 note availability - 7th December 2009
Consumers warned over online black market at Christmas - 4th December 2009
Many older consumers still relying on property to fund their retirement - 3rd December 2009
Consumer borrowing plummets - 2nd December 2009
Insurance professional warns about lack of breakdown cover - 1st December 2009

Good news for drivers as government extends scrappage scheme - 30th September 2009
Many Brits believe welfare is adequate to live off - 29th September 2009
Compulsory retirement age law upheld by High Court - 28th September 2009
Economic downturn takes its toll on charities - 25th September 2009
High Street banks still penalising cash strapped first time buyers - 24th September 2009
Drop in UK house sales for August - 23rd September 2009
CBI causes controversy over student university fees - 22nd September 2009
Consumers need to step up security during recession - 21st September 2009
Possible regulation for debt management firms - 18th September 2009
Nearly two thirds of workers in private sector have no pension - 17th September 2009
Record low rates may be in place for some time - 16th September 2009
Brown and Obama outraged by bank bonuses - 15th September 2009
Several more years of house price falls in store - 14th September 2009
Massive drop in household wealth last year - 11th September 2009
Rates kept on hold again by Bank of England - 10th September 2009
Signs of recovery in UK jobs market - 9th September 2009
Government cutbacks to have profound effect on many elderly - 8th September 2009
BCC voices opinions over economy - 7th September 2009
Car sales continue to be helped by scrappage scheme - 5th September 2009
Non-retail finance sector jobs to suffer in London - 3rd September 2009
Increased motoring costs ahead for UK families - 2nd September 2009
First ever drop in personal debt levels seen in UK - 1st September 2009

Average retail vacancy rate almost triples - 31st July 2009
Price of car insurance continues to increase - 30th July 2009
Credit card and loan defaults causing problems for families - 29th July 2009
Holidaying in UK may not prove cheaper than heading abroad - 28th July 2009
Darling concerned about loan rates for businesses - 27th July 2009
Increase in mortgage approvals for June confirmed - 24th July 2009
Households may be able to benefit from cheaper water bills - 23rd July 2009
Continued improvement seen in the housing market - 22nd July 2009
Industry experts predict rates will hold for another eighteen months - 21st July 2009
UK economy set to shrink - 20th July 2009
Increase in financial fraud and other crime - 17th July 2009
ABI offers advice on swine flu claims for travellers - 16th July 2009
House price recovery could take over a decade - 15th July 2009
Default retirement age review brought forward - 14th July 2009
Employees suffer cutbacks on benefits - 13th July 2009
Mortgage reforms announced by Darling - 11th July 2009
No change for interest rates - 9th July 2009
Consumers continue to repay mortgages more quickly - 8th July 2009
Car scrapping scheme continues to pay off - 8th July 2009
Large pay cut could mean free cash for BT Staff - 6th July 2009
Families pay more than they get in tax credits - 3rd July 2009
May sees property prices decline again - 2nd July 2009
Pay increases suffering as a result of the recession - 1st July 2009

Family values need to be applied by financial industry - 31st March 2009
Mortgage approvals jumped higher than expected in February - 30th March 2009
Central bank governor warns against further spending - 27th March 2009
Over two million to fall into negative equity this year - 26th March 2009
New rules will stop energy companies from unfair billing - 25th March 2009
Bank encourages customers to gamble on borrowed money - 24th March 2009
Deadline for lender support of mortgage scheme passes - 23rd March 2009
Online transaction banking fraud on the increase - 20th March 2009
Crackdown on banks could increase mortgage costs for consumers - 19th March 2009
Huge mortgage arrears increase over past 12 months - 18th March 2009
Families 17% poorer due to credit crunch - 17th March 2009
Minister says increased lending to businesses by banks still going ahead - 16th March 2009
Bad news all round from City forecaster - 13th March 2009
Fresh low for savings interest rates - 12th March 2009
February property sales levels fall to new low - 11th March 2009
Optimism from central bankers over future of economy - 10th March 2009
Latest interest rate cut could mean interest free mortgages for thousands - 9th March 2009
Pensioners suffering financially due to interest rate cuts - 6th March 2009
A fresh low for UK interest rates - 5th March 2009
Barring age discrimination could drive up insurance costs - 4th March 2009
Central bank said mortgage approvals held steady - 3rd March 2009
House prices and purchases down, says Land Registry - 2nd March 2009

B&B takeover results in plummeting bank shares - 30th September 2008
Another lender set to be taken over by the government - 29th September 2008
Acceleration in house price falls in England and Wales - 26th September 2008
Extra protection for Post Office savings account holders - 25th September 2008
Forget about predicting house price movement states CML - 24th September 2008
Brown urged to follow in footsteps of US - 23rd September 2008
Good news on retail sales figures - 22nd September 2008
Lloyds TSB takes over HBOS - 22nd September 2008
Housing problems could be worse than expected - 18th September 2008
Further rise in inflation levels - 17th September 2008
Thousands lose their jobs at Lehman Brothers - 16th September 2008
Another warning about imminent recession - 15th September 2008
Gloomy prediction from European Commission - 12th September 2008
Mortgage availability may not be as restricted as many are led to believe - 11th September 2008
Mortgage lending for July slightly steadier - 10th September 2008
Interest rate cuts could result in huge savings - 9th September 2008
Cost of food still soaring - 8th September 2008
Personal loan rates rise due to PPI - 5th September 2008
Interest rates stay steady at 5% - 4th September 2008
The housing market latest - 4th September 2008
Government takes action over stamp duty - 3rd September 2008
Crisis plan details could be unveiled this week - 2nd September 2008
UK can get through economic downturn states Straw - 1st September 2008

New figures confirm downturn in UK property market - 30th November 2007
Changes to cheques being paid into bank accounts - 29th November 2007
5 tips to help you avoid damaging your credit - 28th November 2007
Carrying out loft conversion could get easier through relaxed rules - 27th November 2007
HIPs rolled out to all properties - 26th November 2007
Possible free credit checks for victims of data loss - 23rd November 2007
Tories challenge Darling over Northern Rock loan - 22nd November 2007
Top 5 things to look for when looking for a bank account - 21st November 2007
Northern Rock shares plunge to all time low - 20th November 2007
Borrowers could see mortgage rates rise due to credit crunch - 19th November 2007
Save for Christmas 2008 …with the Post Office - 16th November 2007
Economists predict three interest rate cuts next year - 15th November 2007
Top 5 things to look out for when using your credit card abroad - 14th November 2007
Credit crunch not expected to affect consumer spending over festive season - 13th November 2007
Credit crunch hits business confidence - 12th November 2007
Consumers concerned that A&L could be heading the same way as the Rock - 9th November 2007
No change for interest rates - 8th November 2007
Top 5 reasons to consolidate your debts - 7th November 2007
Parents prefer to save for their child's education - 6th November 2007
Insolvency numbers in the UK fall - 5th November 2007
Repossession levels set to rocket - 2nd November 2007
Refund case lost by credit card companies - 1st November 2007

Mortgage lending continues to decrease - 31st October 2007
Bank accused of encouraging frivolous spending - 30th October 2007
Consumers received wrong advice from pensions advisers - 29th October 2007
Bad credit customers face another hurdle with mortgages - 26th October 2007
New laws may enable consumers to freeze their credit histories - 25th October 2007
5 tips to help with home recycling - 24th October 2007
Fortnightly collections are inappropriate for many areas - 23rd October 2007
Far less choice for mortgage customers - 22nd October 2007
Insurance company to launch 'My Budget Day' - 19th October 2007
Many using credit cards to pay mortgage - 18th October 2007
5 tips to getting on the property ladder - 17th October 2007
Finance company warned in ASA ban on advert in current form - 16th October 2007
Supermarket suspends house sales site - 15th October 2007
Experts warn first time buyers considering 100% mortgages - 12th October 2007
RICS figures indicate further fall in house prices - 11th October 2007
Top 5 things to remember about PPI - 10th October 2007
Confidence in variable rate mortgages on the increase - 9th October 2007
Younger generation should start planning their financial future - 8th October 2007
Drop in house prices reflects more subdued market - 5th October 2007
Bank of England keeps rates on hold for another month - 4th October 2007
Predictions that interest rates will remain on hold - 4th October 2007
Top five reasons to avoid store cards - 3rd October 2007
Credit card provider admits it ran out of plastic - 2nd October 2007
Darling to announce details of savings protection - 1st October 2007

Proposed new interest rate measure to make mortgage comparisons easier – Dynamic Annual Rate (DAR) - 28th September 2007
Debt advisers expecting flood of enquiries - 27th September 2007
Consumer confidence in banking takes a hit - 27th September 2007
No dividend payout for Northern Rock shareholders - 26th September 2007
Investigation reveals wages scam in mortgage market - 25th September 2007
Darling puts forward plans to guarantee savings for bank customers - 24th September 2007
Is Lloyds TSB bank charge reduction as good as it seems? - 21st September 2007
Savers can enjoy benefits of increased rates - 20th September 2007
Top 5 reasons to opt for an Internet bank account - 19th September 2007
Alliance and Leicester shares fall - 18th September 2007
Two jobs needed for many to keep up with mortgage repayments - 17th September 2007
Northern Rock shares plummet following emergency funding - 14th September 2007
House prices fall for the first time since 2005 - 13th September 2007
5 top tips to getting a good mortgage deal - 12th September 2007
Are HIPS affecting house sales ? - 11th September 2007
Rising interest in shared ownership properties - 10th September 2007
MPC votes to keep Bank of England interest rate on hold - 7th September 2007
Average house prices rise again in August - 6th September 2007
Top 5 tips to help you sell your home - 5th September 2007
Beware of the OFT fraudster scam states the Office of Fair Trading - 4th September 2007
Beware of the Sell and Rent Back Schemes - 3rd September 2007

Consumer campaign group lists methods used by credit card companies to recoup revenue due to ceiling charges - 31st August 2007
Bank slated over misleading advertisement - 30th August 2007
Top 5 ways to avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud - 29th August 2007
Headline APRs could be misleading - 28th August 2007
Over 55s opting for online banking - 27th August 2007
H.I.P. packs extended to 3 bed properties – Good or Bad? - 24th August 2007
Consumers rushing to remortgage amidst fears of interest rate rises - 23rd August 2007
Top 5 ways to save money on your life insurance policy - 22nd August 2007
Increasing difficulties with the UK sub-prime mortgage market - 21st August 2007
UK consumers would like to see more current account facilities from supermarkets - 20th August 2007
Payday loans – good or bad? – Whats the solution? - 17th August 2007
Debt management group calls for age limit rise for credit cards - 16th August 2007
Top 5 tips on getting a homeowner loan - 15th August 2007
Only 25% of debt consolidation loan borrowers pay off their debts - 14th August 2007
Bank customer get hit by elevated rises - 13th August 2007
Saving money on your existing loans - 10th August 2007
Quarterly inflation report indicates another rate rise needed - 9th August 2007
Top 5 home improvements to add value to your property - 8th August 2007 admits to misleading customers - 7th August 2007
UK's major banks accused of failing customers when it comes to service and value - 7th August 2007
Bank of England leaves interest rates on hold for August - 6th August 2007
Why consider debt consolidation loans? - 3rd August 2007
Lenders to stop charging mortgage exit fees - 2nd August 2007
Top 5 things to look for in a savings account - 1st August 2007

Lloyds TSB worker blows the whistle on crafty tactics - 31st July 2007
Banks try to reunite savers with their money - 30th July 2007
Effective loan options for those with bad credit - 27th July 2007
25% of cardholders have paid the penalty - 26th July 2007
Top 5 ways to keep your hard earned cash - 25th July 2007
Consumers may pay off their mortgages before they pay off their credit cards - 24th July 2007
Young people rushing into homeownership to avoid rising prices - 23rd July 2007
Secured Vs unsecured loans - 20th July 2007
Many being hit by huge mortgage fees - 19th July 2007
PPI companies to stop using sneaky tactics online - 18th July 2007
Top 5 things to compare when looking for a loan - 18th July 2007
Interest rate increases result in slow down in house price growth - 16th July 2007
Internet takes the hassle out of finding a loan - 13th July 2007
New PM planning to promote long term fixed rates on mortgages - 12th July 2007
The 5 steps for reclaiming your bank charges - 11th July 2007
Bank may have equipment seized by bailiffs - 10th July 2007
Mortgages costing buyers one third of pay - 10th July 2007
Homeowner loans popular for a range of purposes - 8th July 2007
UK interest rates from 5.5% to 5.75% - 5th July 2007
Some consumers may be offered mortgages that they cannot afford - 5th July 2007
5 ways to try and reduce your debts and outgoings - 4th July 2007
Flood claims to insurance companies could top £1 billion - 3rd July 2007
July interest rate hike almost a certainty - 2nd July 2007

Homeowners can cash in on rising equity levels with secured loans - 29th June 2007
Another rise in property prices for UK homeowners - 29th June 2007
Top 5 ways to improve your credit - 28th June 2007
HSBCs 2.75% charge for holidaymakers fee free cash withdrawals - 28th June 2007
Credit card fraud being masked by banks - 27th June 2007
Bank Charges Claims Swamp Legal Service - 27th June 2007
Homeowner loans could prove invaluable to those in credit card debt - 26th June 2007
Interest rate stability was a close call - 26th June 2007
Most UK consumers have lost trust in banks - 25th June 2007
More Bank charge refund cases being struck out by Judges - 22nd June 2007
UK’s First Zero-Emission Home Revealed - 21st June 2007
Property Selling Rush - 21st June 2007
Top 5 tips to make the most of your credit card - 20th June 2007
Loyal Customers penalised by home insurers - 20th June 2007
Further interest rate hike expected - 19th June 2007
Retail Sales Boost - 19th June 2007
Credit cards could cost consumers a fortune - 18th June 2007
Increase in House Prices – Slow down in May 2007 - 15th June 2007
Active Incentives Boost Sayings Rates says The Treasury - 14th June 2007
10 Recommended Value-adding Home Improvements - 13th June 2007
Can Banks give impartial advice? - 12th June 2007
Tax Freedom Day - 11th June 2007
Bank of England holds interest rates at 5.5% - 8th June 2007
Industry advisers say that consolidation loans can be a wise financial move, if used properly. - 7th June 2007
Strong housing gains driving economic growth - 6th June 2007
Home Loans- The New Credit Solution - 5th June 2007

Anti Loan Shark Schemes Announced - 18th Jan 2007
Britons Urged to Plan Their Finances - 3rd Jan 2007

West Somerset Homeowners Offered Low Rate Loans - 13th Dec 2006

Interest Rates Increase Causes Difficulties for Homeowners - 15th Nov 2006

Low Rate Loans - The Best Option For Car Finance - 26th Oct 2006
Could You Benefit From a Debt Consolidation Loan? - 17th Oct 2006



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