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Secure application form

Self Employed Mortgage Application Form

Section 1

Your New Property / Mortgage required  
Mortgage amount required (min 25,000) :
Mortgage repayment term:
How much can you put down as a deposit:
Are you looking to raise money to clear loans and credit cards ?
Purpose of the remortgage / equity release ?
Expected rental income per month:
Housing association or Council purchase?
Approx value of the property :
Mortgage type required:
Property type:

Section 2

Your existing Property  
Approx value of your existing property:
You are a:
Approx amount outstanding on your existing mortgage:
Existing Monthly Mortgage / Rent payment:
Existing Mortgage company name:
Any missed or late payments in the last 12 mths ?
Years remaining:
Is your property ?
Number of people on property deeds/mortgage ?

Section 3

Your existing loans and credit cards  
Approx total balance of your existing credit:
Total monthly payments of your existing credit:
Any missed or late payments in the last 12 mths ?
Any defaults/county court judgments (over 250) ?
Employment details  
Employment status:
Partners Employment status:
Your annual income (before tax):
Partners annual income (before tax):
Details of any credit issues / Other information: